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Don Solace net worth

Don Solace net worth?

Don Solace net worth

Who is Don Solace?

Don Solace is the stage name of popular Nollywood Actor and Software Developer, Virginus Alajekwu. Don Solace is known for his Wonderful Software Development Projects.

Full data profile of Nigerian Software Developer Don Solace


Full name Virginus Alajekwu Chinagbaogu
Age 27 years
Birthday September 8, 1995
Gender Male
State of origin Anambra
Parents Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius and Paulina Alajekwu
Height 5’0
Marital status Single
Tribe Igbo
Career Computer Programmer, Actor, Comedian, MC, voice-over artist and entrepreneur

Alajekwu Virginus Chinagbaogu (born 8 September 1995), popularly known as Don Solace, is a Nigerian entrepreneur, Software Developer, Digital Marketer, Blogger, Music Promoter, and Philanthropist. Don Solace is known for his unique business ideas, marketing strategy, advertising and business development skills.

Don Solace is the founder of Afobata Co. LTD, an e-commerce and software development company known for its services and private marketing. Virginus has actively work with some Nigerian and international recognized clients and companies including Google Inc. and others

Don Solace is a Computer Programmer who has built many websites and mobile applications too numerous to mention. He has promoted many companies’ product and services with his unique marketing skills.

Don Solace’s Early life and education:

Don Solace was born on 8th September 1995 (27 years old as of 2022) to the family of Chief Alajekwu Cornelius and Lolo Alajekwu Paulina in Anambra State, the southeastern part of Nigeria. Don Solace completed his primary education At All Saints Primary School and Secondary Education at Bonus Pastor Seminary Osina and St. Mary’s Seminary Umuowa respectively. Virginus obtained a diploma in Latin from Seat of Wisdom Seminary Owerri (An affiliate of Urban University Rome). Don Solace then went to the National Open University, a renowned distance learning institution in Nigeria. Currently, He has the plan of continuing his education in Western Country.

Don Solace’s Career:
Don Solace moved to Lagos to establish his first start up in 2019. Don Solace, Don Solace started his entrepreneurial journey in 2019, when he founded Afobata Co. LTD, an e-commerce company, a software development company and importation company with the goal of delivery standard services. Within two years, Afobata became one of the leading e-commerce and web design company in Nigeria.

Don Solace’s Awards:
Most Talented Computer Programmer in the South-East (SEEAAWARDS)
Afobata CEO 2020 (Afobata Awards)

Don Solace’s Personal life and Family:
Don Solace has 8 siblings, 4 brothers named Alajekwu Donald, Alajekwu Cyril, Alajekwu Williams, Alajekwu Paschal and four sisters named Alajekwu Sylvia, Alajekwu Euphemia, Alajekwu Charity, Alajekwu Cynthia. Virginus Alajekwu is a lover of travel and likes to spend his free time visiting new places.

Don Solace’s Marriage and Life:

Don Solace is currently single and has never been married before nor had a child. Don Solace once confessed he had to end his previous relationship in order to give more attention to his Computer Programming Career.

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